Sunday, January 28, 2007

mister David Brent

the photo was kinda small, but this is what I picked up from it. Plus, I get to practice with the Chartpaks some more

Saturday, January 27, 2007

CLEAR! *beep.... beep*

I didn't want this thing to just die, and since I have a whole lot more free time on my hands now, I decided to post some oldish and newish drawings.

this is my most recent art, and oddly enough, one of the few paintings I have ever done. It's just a small little acrylic painting that I did for a small gallery thing the other day.

Some sketch faces, Silver style

more faces, inspired by Silver

I saw this guy in the airport last year.

this fellow was a mascot I designed for Comedy sportz in San Jose when I was doing that. They never used it. See how his arms make a "S" and a "J"?? maybe not.

these next ones are all presketches from the NCN con, last October. Some turned into things... some did not.

this is a Belgian gentleman named Danny.

this guy had a looong face. I liked his eyes, too.

this is the english cowboy

John was the first guy I drew on preview night. he's got great teeth!

the lovely batSam. I think I ended up drawing her as a fish swimming around in someone's head, but I still like how this one turned out.

and finally, Matt Zitman.

more when it happens!