Thursday, May 17, 2007

More in park sketches

I liked how this one turned out. I wish the guy would have smiled, but the bodies turned out good.

I like the eyes and the nose on this guy. I could have pushed the girl's
exaggeration a bit more, but I flaked.

forgot to get a photo of these people but I liked the sketch.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

back at Sea world...

I'm drawing at Sea world again for a while. Here's some photos
of a few drawings I did on Sunday and Monday.

a nice Lesbian couple

a nice Korean couple

a nice French couple

ahh, Shamu, I remember thee.

finally, a spider-drawing. luckily the board
didn't have a clamp on top so I was able to flip it to
draw the spider-man, then flip it
over again to draw his girlfriend.

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

c4 drawings

I didn't have too much time to draw during the first day of the con while running around setting up sound, animation presentation, Speed competition. The second day was better, but I never really got into a groove. We did have a great guest speaker, David Colman, who I got
a lot of inspiration from.

Rachel Dukes. She's not a which, but she does cook up some buttons

Steve rendering one of Gabe's fingers. the one that counts.

Manny. I kinda messed up the coloring of this one.

Aaron Philby. Again, I should have left it B&W, but now I know.

Japanese kids