Monday, March 26, 2007

Sunday, March 25, 2007

sketchbook dump

heres one of my friend Jared at sketch night

a drawing of Nate. We discussed what worked and what didn't. I was trying to squeeze some of the features in the page, which throws off the likeness a bit. I might try reworking this one to see what happens.

some dude at the Other Side

joe and Katie, reffing and voicing for the improv show.

a few faces drawn at City Deli on St. Patrick's Day

Christine, Lauren's friend, at sketchnight.

more random faces

some guy that was playing pool at the Other Side

Sunday, March 11, 2007

sexy, nude, comic villains... aka, selling out, part 1

this might be the first of many sexy, fantasy, comic book pair ups. I want to do a series of these.
any ideas for other pair ups. Bat girl and Supergirl.... Kitty and Rogue....

Monday, March 05, 2007

Toronto Trip, part 2

here's some more sketches I did in Canada.

self portrait with markers... yeah, I have a beard now.

this guy was sitting like this at Union station... looking very sad, or sleeping.

Marlo, from the NCN boards. Marker and greymarkers. this one looses the likeness, but I had fun exaggerating

some faces at Future Bakery. the asian guy and the guy in the middle are my favorite.

two gentlemen at a pub called Gabby's

Leslie, in pencil. also not a good likeness, but I hadn't really done a good study of her face.

more faces at the Plug, another eating joint.

Toronto trip sketches part one

got a new sketchbook and some pens to play with. The main source of faces was at Future bakery.

this is Vince, one of Leslie's friends.

He's like a young DeNiro. .. lil' bit.

and Mara...

who was a little shy.